What Prayer Does...

Hope this note finds each of you well... and strengthened and uplifted even in the challenges of daily life.

I heard a story yesterday about a lady who, in mid-life, decided to take voice lessons from a very good instructor.  While the student was practicing a beautiful old Italian song, the instructor broke in and advised, "It's charming.  But do you need to sound like a vacuum cleaner at the end of each phrase?"  The student responded, "I think I do need to suck in air like a vacuum because otherwise I think I'll asphyxiate and crumple in a heap on the floor."  "Look," the wise instructor offered, "if you'll open up your ribs, the air just falls in."

I was thinking about that while doing some gardening last evening.  That's what prayer does.  If we will open our time to God's Word and to prayer, and to adoring God and listening for the voice of God to speak into our lives, the Spirit just falls into us.  If we pray, we don't have to suck inspiration like my Shop Vac in my workshop.  The whispers of the Spirit will nudge around the edges of our minds and surface in subtle ways.  If we will open our ribs in prayer, inspiration and clarity will fall in.  If we read and study scripture and prepare ourselves to be used, God will direct us, lead us, and use us for things He wants to do.  It's really no more complicated than that.  Christ stands at the door and knocks.  Open your heart and Christ will enter in.  We all have choices. Make the best one today.

Pastor Bud