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Peace of mind has become big business in America. And everyone thinks they have the key to it. Yesterday I typed the phrase "peace of mind" into Google and it was interesting to see the top internet results. The first was an online academy that teaches techniques that are guaranteed to calm you down. The second was a YouTube Video of a man demonstrating how to achieve peace of mind by writing each of his problems on little slips of paper, then burning them. (As if that would make them go away.) The third was a website for a home security system. Then there was the Wikipedia definition, courses you can take, procedures you can have done to you, and products and insurance you can buy. I even found an ad for Peace perfume with the tagline: "Wear it to feel serenity."

Peace of mind is such an important concept in life that people will do almost anything to find it. They will travel to exotic places at great expense. They will purchase every self-help book on the shelves. They will numb themselves with drugs and alcohol. They will experiment with New Age and other occult rituals. But the truth is, very few people in this world are at peace.

One of God's Hebrew names is Jehovah Shalom, which means "God is Peace." He never intended for our lives to be overrun by worries and anxieties. Instead, He intended that we would have unshakeable peace, regardless of our circumstances. Here are a few God-given remedies for stress, anxiety, and tension: (1) Join us in worship. In worship we practice prayer and we share in communion together. We are reminded of God's rightful place in our lives. We give Him first priority. (2) Dig into your Bible. God's many promises are there to be applied to your life. The more you learn, the more you can proclaim that He is sovereign over all your worries. (3) Talk with Christian friends and mentors. Network with people who can be supportive and encouraging to you. The church is called a "body of believers" for that very reason -- we need one another. (4) Serve others. Take a moment to consider another person's circumstances and see if there's anything you can do to be helpful. Oftentimes helping others has an added benefit of boosting our own spirits.

I am praying that God shows you that particular part of His character -- Jehovah Shalom -- in this season. And that you would experience deep, lasting peace.

Pastor Bud

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