Focusing on God's Vision

I hope you are having a good day so far and I just want you to know that I've prayed for each of you this week. I trust, as we've been trying to be focused on God's vision for our lives, that you've taken some time to be still... to withdraw... to watch and wait and write down what God is showing you about your life and His love for you. Many of you have told me about what you've been "seeing" in your mind's eye and "hearing" with your spiritual ears as you pray and it's very inspiring. Some of you have said it has changed your life and your relationship with God, and I'm grateful to hear that.  Remember that Habakkuk taught us to worship God with praise and thanksgiving when He puts His Word, thoughts, ideas, and images in your mind. (Confirmed, of course, by the words of Scripture and by trusted spiritual mentors.)

Please continue to make space to withdraw, envision Jesus walking alongside you in your favorite place... and just ask in prayer, "Jesus, what would you like to say to me today?"  Then quiet yourself, watch and wait, and write... and be sure to confirm it through God's Word and through other Christian friends. Don't stop trying. It took multiple efforts to learn to walk; to ride a bike; to learn to drive a car. I know that God longs to speak His vision, plans, dreams, and Word into your life. And when He does, like some of you have attested, it will change your perspective and your relationship with God forever.

We are in a season of stilling ourselves in worship to ask God for His vision for our Church. Don't underestimate how vitally important this is. Our "best ideas" are great, but they are nothing without God being in them. I'm not interested in our best ideas and then asking God to bless our vision and our wisdom. I'm interested in asking God to show us His plans and vision and His best ideas for our Church , and then working with Him over the years ahead to see His vision come to life.

Please join me in prayer with this same attitude.  God is able to do far more than we can possibly imagine or dream. So we come with no obstacles or limitations in mind. I'm aware we have a mortgage payment on our building... I could let that limit my thinking about ministries we could do in the future. I'm aware that we are out of space in our building and that each room is used for 3, 4, and even 5 purposes during any given week, and this could limit my thinking about our future ministries. But in going to God in prayer about this He clearly spoke to my heart: "Bud, am I not bigger than your mortgage? Am I not bigger than your space issues and concerns? Don't you believe that I could resolve those road-blocks in the blink of an eye?" And I had to admit -- and repent -- that I was limiting God with my own human thinking. It's true! We can't allow ourselves to be limited by our own human thinking. So, we'll go to prayer together...and we'll share again in some quiet time...and seek God's Vision for our Church life...and we'll take some time to write down the things God is showing us in our hearts and minds, remembering that with God there are no limitations... and that where God gives us vision, God makes provision.

Keep praying! Keep seeking God's word and vision for your life and our church. I believe we stand at another threshold in which God wants to do more great things though His faithful followers. I am, with all of my heart and faith and courage to risk, seeking ALL of God's plans for His ministry called Harlem Road Church. I know amazing days and weeks and years are ahead of us as God reveals His preferred future in our midst!

Pastor Bud