An Advent Message

Dear Friends,

Advent means “ a season of waiting and preparing for the anticipated birth of the Messiah.”  Or, as Webster’s dictionary defines it, “a coming into place, view, or being; an expected arrival.”

"A season of waiting."  That's the part that sometimes snags me.  Waiting is not easy!  I see it in the eyes of my grandchildren and the children of the church as Christmas begins to approach.  And honestly, waiting isn’t easy for us adults either.  But waiting doesn’t have to be a time of inactivity or a time of feeling paralyzed by unanswered questions or developing anxiety about the future.  Waiting CAN be a time of taking a spiritual posture of listening to the voice of God in your life.  It can be a season of quieting our thoughts and coming into a place of humble celebration of the sovereignty of God.

As we posture ourselves in humility during these weeks of Advent, we are given the opportunity to reflect with thanksgiving for our faith journey with the Lord.  How has God been at work in your life?  In your children’s lives?  What pieces of the puzzle of life are coming into place as you seek to walk in obedience and continue to surrender your agenda to God’s?  Who has God used to help you spiritually along the way?

It is my prayer that Harlem Road United Methodist Church has been one of the instruments that God has used to help you continue in your faith journey.  It is a profound privilege and honor to be re-appointed by our Bishop as your pastor and to see how God is using the people and ministries of HRC to help many going through “advent” (waiting) seasons in their lives to boldly take another step in their faith life.

As we draw near the end of Advent, whether it be in the “waiting” or the “coming into a place of agreement” with the Lord, I’m praying that you will continue to experience the presence of God among the family at Harlem Road Church through the Spirit that binds us together with love, so that with one heart and voice, we may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ...born anew in our hearts in this beautiful season.

Praying God’s richest blessings upon you and your loved ones in this Christmas season.

Remember you are loved!
Pastor Bud