Sep 09 2012

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind has become big business in America. And everyone thinks they have the key to it. Yesterday I typed the phrase "peace of mind" into Google and it was interesting to see the top internet results. The first was an online academy that teaches techniques that are guaranteed to calm you down. The second was a YouTube Video of a man demonstrating how to achieve peace of mind by writing each of his problems on little slips of paper, then burning them. (As if that would make them go away.) The third was a website for a home security system. Then there was the Wikipedia definition, courses you can take, procedures you can have done to you, and products and insurance you can buy. I even found an ad for Peace perfume with the tagline: "Wear it to feel serenity."

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Aug 04 2012

YOU are a vessel of His glory

Hello! I pray and trust this note finds each of you knowing you are deeply loved by your Abba Father. In fact, I hope you realize that you are not just a soldier of the Cross of Jesus Christ, but that you are a part of the Royal Priesthood; YOU are heir to the throne, and His Divine nature permeates your soul, transforms your mind and your heart. Today YOU are a vessel of His glory and the vehicle of His light in a darkened world. I've prayed for you this morning.

I've been praying that God continually sanctifies you for His perfect purpose and I've been praying God makes all provision necessary for you to step into the role of His emissary. You and I are here on planet earth for a short while...and our role is to build the Kingdom and pass the baton to our children and grandchildren. I hope you will constantly be in prayer for the generations coming and for the fulfilling of our purposes while there is time. Let us all stand firm as disciples of Jesus Christ; disciples making disciples for the building of the Kingdom of God. May the Church BE the Church. May HRC fulfill God's purpose for us in our generation and in the generations to come!

Love, Pastor Bud

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